Showing v. telling

Rate the following items on the following 1-5 trustworthiness scale (1 being least trustworthy, 5 being the most).

1. I truly believe I am the best candidate for this position.

2. My passion is for working with underprivileged children.

3. My combination of work experience and professional interests make me well suited to the position you describe.

4. The proposed budget cuts will obviously affect everyone negatively.

5. That’s how strong my love is; so deep and wide.

6. I am a dedicated, hardworking, punctual employee.

For the following, do three things. 1) Discuss the problem with the resume entry. Then, 2) offer a revision that fixes the problem, and 3) abstract out a “rule” based on the problem and its solution.

1. Clown Waiter. Chuck-E-Cheese. October 2010 – 2012.

2. Recipient of the Donald M. Arthur award.

3. Responsible for nightly clean up duties.

4. Seeking a challenging position with the opportunity for professional growth.

5. Graduated in the top 40% of my class.


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